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How can I reach out to veterans online since I am disabled myself?
If you have the means to interact online, there are numerous ways to contact and reach out to other veterans.  This forum is one way itself, as are other social media, albeit that the longer-form ones, like Facebook, not only tend to have the largest number of veteran and veteran-related chat groups, they also make interaction easier because of the relatively unlimited word length.  Some of these groups are open, but a number are closed, so you may have to contact the group administrator to determine what they accept for eligibility to their group site. However, if, by "reach out," you mean how Bethann took your question to be, then there are, indeed, a number of veteran charities, veteran support charities, and disabled veteran service organizations online that you could probably seek out, whether to receive, or give, some form of help.  That said, you may want to check out the Charity Navigator website to sort out which such groups are the most legitimate, and tend to use the largest amount of their donations, etc., for actually helping veterans (rather than paying for administration, advertising, etc.)  She is also correct that the VA may have some contacts with these groups, or at least have some lists to consult. If you are wanting to "give back," doing so from just online might be difficult, or very limiting, as compared to doing something in-person, or over a telephone (e.g., serving on one of the veteran stress or suicide prevention hotlines), but there probably are ways to contribute that involve more than just talk or donating money.
How do disabled veterans feel about their military service?
I can’t speak for anyone else, but I feel good about my military service. Damn good. If I had it all to do over again, I’d do it in a heartbeat with no regrets. I am so fortunate I was given the capacity to serve my country as I did.Not to sound like a recruiting poster, but as Americans we really do live in the greatest country on Earth and our freedoms are invaluable…to each and every one of us, whether we agree with the actions of our government and military or not. We will fight to the death for your right to say what is on your mind even if we hate the words coming out of your mouth. To some, that is a difficult concept to get their mind around.I realize that the intent of the person asking this question has to do with us being injured or wounded. Was it worth it? Trust me, unless you’re a psychopath, you don’t want to get hurt. I don’t know a soul who was looking to go out and get shot or find an IED. But, unfortunately, it is part of the job. Do it long enough and you are most likely going to get hurt in some way, shape or form. Perhaps killed. We all know that when we sign up and it’s best to make your peace with it as soon as possible.Do I enjoy living every day in pain? No. Do I like the fact that I can’t remember what someone told me two minutes ago and that I am short tempered, moody and generally as bastard to be around sometimes? Hell no. I don’t complain about it either.Do I feel sorry for myself? Absolutely not. I’m proud to be among the fraction of the 1% who has served. I wouldn’t have taken another path for anything in the world, disabled or not.
If a person purchased long term disability insurance out of their own pocket and could not deduct the premiums from taxes, then become disabled, are the insurance benefits taxable?
No. Personally owned DI, paid for out of personal income, is not taxable when paid.However, group LTD is almost without exception, paid for by the employer expensing it under the rules having to do with benefits. So it’s a clean deduction for the employer. The employee is not shown to have income in the amount of premium paid on his behalf. So…no taxes so far.When the group LTD pays, the entire payment is taxable income.It is possible for the employer to expense the premium under the rules having to do with compensation. So it’s a deduction. The company will break out the premiums per participant and the employer shows that as compensation, and it will be taxable to the employee. In that case, the benefits will not be taxable when paid.This gets complicated, since it may affect soc scty taxes, work comp premiums might have to be tweaked, etc.And nobody wants to pay taxes when they’re working and have options, right? They’d rather pay when they have a reduction in income by forty percent or more. RIght?Although the second way is the best way—the employer might be the one finding himself disabled—the number who do is vanishingly small.
How can you find out what the insurance premiums will be on your car?
Car insurance premium differs based on various cars. There is no fixed amount in terms of car insurance premium. However, there are factors which affects the premium of car insurance. These factors are as follows:Insured Declared Value or IDV : It is nothing but the present value of your car.Cubic Capacity (CC) of the car : CC is a term related to your car’s engine. Higher the CC, more powerful your car’s engine turns out to be.Place of registration : By place it means the state where the car was registered.Type of model : It represent the model type of your car. For example Sedan, SUV, Crossover, etc.Age of the car : Time calculated between the first day of new car and till date.Type of cover : Whether you want comprehensive or third-party vehicle insurance cover only. Also, note that having a third-party vehicle insurance is mandatory by law.Add-on covers : While purchasing a auto insurance policy, the customer can add “add-on covers” which covers a lot other things provided out of the purchased policy. Every “add-on cover” has a specific charge.Hope this helps!
How many levels of service-connected disability related to arthritis can a disabled veteran incur regarding the rating system?
The VA evaluates each part of the body differently, so to answer your question I'll use the leg as an example. If one were to lose the leg above the knee the VA would rate that at 60%, that’s the maximum compensation for a leg. A below the knee loss is 40%. Arthritis in the knee is compensated at 10% for mild, 20% for moderate and 30% for severe arthritis. Ankylosis (stiff immobile joint) and lateral or rotational instability is rated at 40%. If the VA determines that a leg is so severely damaged that it's useless and just as disabling as an amputation, a Loss of Use rating will be applied and the Veteran will receive Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) also referred to as a K (or some other letter) award. Different body parts/joints may have a different rating scale such as the back which the VA rates at 20%, 40% and 60%. Regardless of the body part the VA rates arthritis as Mild, Moderate or Severe.
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