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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing sgli insurance

Instructions and Help about sgli insurance

And somebody can get what's the most amount of coverage you can get to give your life 400,000 how much coverage and you get on the spouse here on 0/0 how much Congress can you get on the children zero because they cost $28 a month it was notable no are their variables in the cost and it is based on height and weight no is it based on two backdoor non-tobacco is it based on criminal records driving record credit statement what is it based on age price and based on age could that suck if you were 50 years old and were a preferred plus physical status if you were paying the exact same mouth at somebody who was 50 and was obese and used tobacco and you were paying the exact same amount when that stuck that's how video ID works okay that's how it works a dream you pull out that shark real quick it's on the internet it made this in your favorite all you got to do don't even worry about the URL Google vgli rates is this comes up okay it's very easy amount of life insurance is on the left to the top ages are across the top so we're going to talk about four hundred thousand of life insurance I want you to see what happens so if I sit down to the 40 year old and they want forwarded as electric just on themselves it's 68 dollars what happens when they turn 45 it goes to 88 but when they turn 50 55 60 65 70 75 pretty much doubled it basically doubles every five years okay automatically so if you snap with a forty year old and you look at in 25 year turn that was going to take a cake sweet revive and they think they were getting video I for $68 a you Rainier okay with a hundred dollars then if I just make sense for them to keep you in July okay no because by your ten they're paying forty four bucks a month more than you're hungry and they're paying a hundred and sixty eight more and then they're paying three hundred and thirty two dollars more per month to get them to the end of the term if you get to Matt I mean we're talking about tens and tens of thousands of dollars for money and there's no coverage on the rest of the fam does go option for coverage there's no flagger there's no I'll pay extra there's nothing if vgli looks like a good product easy oh I told you Mike this is the last resort they say if they're gonna like criminal feet Eli's not out to screw people you know what Vito I exist or those pink said again X or those can't be GOI exists for those who are uninsurable that is if your client is not uninsurable and most likely they can get coverage significantly cheaper.