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Instructions and Help about va life insurance calculator

Hi this is Dave boy key from retirement resources again thanks for joining us we're gonna talk today about life insurance specifically the cost of life insurance and how companies calculate that most life insurance is based on a cost per unit of coverage for instance $1000 what does it cost me to buy one thousand dollars of coverage if I should die my family or my beneficiary would receive that one thousand dollars well it's based specifically on my age the younger I am theoretically the longer I can pay that premium in because I'm gonna live longer that's called mortality the older an individual is the less time that they have to pay insurance premiums so therefore the company has got to charge them more money for that same thousand dollar benefit so insurance companies price their insurance policies based on a unit usually of a thousand and it ranges based on whether an individual is younger or older so it's based on age it's also based on whether they're male or female females tend to live historically a little longer than men so the premiums are usually a little bit less for them at the same age as an individual and again the other thing they take into consideration of course is our health and a young person specifically a young female that doesn't have any health issues can get a very favourably priced policy obviously compared to say a gentleman age 75 who has multiple health issues the premiums is going to be much higher so folks I suggest that you find a trusted financial advisor that specializes in life insurance sit down and have a talk with them find out how much it could cost you to get the coverage you need you may be pleasantly surprised that it's a lot cheaper than you think I'm Dave boy key thank you for joining us today I'm with the retirement resources.