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Instructions and Help about va life insurance form

Alright ok so let's start from the back to the beginning talk about time payment of claims you've already discussed that but let's go over remember they have to pay us immediately upon receiving proof of loss that the word immediately I went over that with you guys letting you know that the test question may ask you how quickly do they have to judge you insurance company have to pay a claim after they get the proof of loss and the answer could be immediate and that would be correct but remember as we get into this there is you got it you got to give them at least 60 days so you can't file a lawsuit against them because haven't paid yet until 60 days goes by so immediate is probably correct when you see it but the more accurate answer would be they got 60 they have 60 days to make the payment and disability benefits has to be paid at least monthly disability benefits can be paid weekly and twice a month but they can't pay them quarterly semi-annually and annually payment of claimants to payment of claims those traditional policies we talked about the reimbursement policies remember we file a claim and the insurance company sends the money to the insured but if you insured dies before the money gets there then it's going to go to the beneficiary that that person would have named and if there's no beneficiary then it goes to the estate of the insured but and then I don't make that too clear there so I want to make sure it's clear to you it doesn't go to the estate of the beneficiary if the beneficiary dies and the insured is dead it's going to go to the estate of the insured physical exams and autopsies I mentioned to you okay a German company wants a physical exam or an OPS autopsy they have a right to it they have to pay for and someone asks you about why would they want autopsies just to make sure this is on the is on the the recording was a great question if perhaps there was a suicide with life insurance there might be a suicide within two years and there's a suspicious there they're not sure how they died well they can conduct an autopsy to see if in fact it was or was not a suicide there may be other reasons but that would be one of them regardless if an insurance company wants a physical exam they can ever write to it if they want an autopsy they have a right to it but they have to pay for time limit on certain defenses also called the incontestable clause and as I mentioned you earlier sometimes they call it the contestable clause sometimes they call it the incontestable clause it's all dealing with that two-year time period when the policy's enforced for two years the first two years.